Monday, May 17, 2010


More and more schools are starting a scholarship program for cheer leading. Before, in recent years..cheer leading wasn't even considered or something to think twice about. There weren't any cheer leading scholarships at any college. Well, now things have changed. People figured that having a scholarship for cheer leading is a positive thing. They could energize the fans, be friendly & spirited, and also can help to maintain a decent relationship between the fans and players. The scholarships that are being offered for cheerleading is honestly no different than a scholarship that is offered to any other sport, cheer leading is a sport, & the girls/guys should get the decent amount of credit that they deserve. Some of the scholarship options are either you could be able to get away with them paying either half the semester..or if you're REALLY good you can get the whole tuition paid off for you. CHEERLEADING SCHOLARSHIP LINK

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